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Vi skal undgå at Trump får skabt en krig mod Iran.


There Hardly Ever Was an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program!
A review of the evidence points to Israeli and MEK disinformation, not an open-and-shut case.

Lund, Sweden, TFF PressInfo # 461:
d. 25/5 - 2018

Gareth Porter, one of the world's leading experts on Iran's nuclear policies, author of the classical study - "Manufactured Crisis. The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare" - tells you why the world, most probably, has been taken for a ride by people who knew where the fake story was created and by whom.
Ask yourself why, again, it is an independent investigative reporter and not the media that does the absolutely necessary research on an issue that is now likely to lead to war - economic, political and perhaps even military war...
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Bang, Bang to Trump

Lund, Sweden, TFF PressInfo # 460: d. 14/5 - 2018

Can you smell the whiff of smoke? You surely can. But the gunfire? Not yet. But it must start soon if the battle has any chance of success.

President Donald Trump has to be faced down. Not only because of his sabotage of the Iran nuclear deal but also because of his attack on Europe’s export of steel and aluminum which breaks all the rules on tariffs set by the World Trade Organisation.

This man should not be allowed to get away with his gross disturbance of the world political and economic order.

Donald Tusk, the President of the Council of the European Union, said boldly last week, “Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?”

Who indeed? Trump is, as David Goodhart wrote in Foreign Affairs, “a living fossil, the sort of ‘ugly American’ common enough in earlier eras”.

Trump is leading America into a dark tunnel where there is no sunlight and no daylight at the end.

His unilateral ending of the Iran nuclear agreement could easily lead to war between Israel and Iran, between Iran and Saudi Arabia and even between the US and Iran. The Middle East, already devastated by wars that the US and the UK started, will become a moonscape of destruction.

Iran, instead of being just an antagonist of the US will become an enemy, strong enough to give the US a large and regular dose of political and military pain.

Does America, even many of those who voted for Trump, want to confront Iran? The polls say “no” by a good margin.

For nearly 80 years America and Europe have for most of the time run in a three-legged race. This had disadvantages, but most of the two electorates have wanted it this way, and still do. Trump doesn’t. His irrationality can only be explained by his determination to undo all the good things Barack Obama did.

This is not a good enough reason to break up the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran that Europe, Russia and China so value. Europe must call a halt to this.

Retaliation is the only way. Sanctions, the weapon that brought Iran and white South Africa to the negotiating table, must be introduced against the US.

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