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US media ignored major anti-US military protest in South Korea

Responsible Statecraft d. 23/8 - 2022, Written by Tim Shorrock

Fake news about Kim Jong-Un gets wall-to-wall coverage but citizens of a key ally opposing a joint military exercise goes largely unnoticed.

In America these days, almost any information about North Korea, be it rumor, fake news, or just plain silly, becomes fodder for the mainstream media. From TMZ to The Guardian, reporters know there is an insatiable appetite for anything that puts Kim and his regime in a bad or crazy light.

But when it comes to South Korea, which hosts 28,500 American ground troops and the Pentagon’s largest military base outside of North America, U.S. media coverage is, shall we say, highly selective. That was made resoundingly clear on August 14, when Seoul was the scene for the largest public demonstration in decades against the U.S. military presence in South Korea...

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"Quasi-State of War" on Korean Peninsula as Threats Escalate Tensions

Common Dreams d. 21/8 - 2015
by Jon Queally, staff writer

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un mobilizes military forces as tensions rise along border

Military tensions and international worries are growing as North Korea and South Korea exchanged new threats on Friday just a day after a shots were fired across the demilitarized zone along the border that separates the two countries.

State media reported on Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared his frontline troops were now in a "quasi-state of war" with South Korea as he ordered them to prepare for battle if leaders in Seoul refused to remove large loudspeakers set up along the border which blast pro-South Korean messages…

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North Korea Is Mobilizing for War

The Diplomat d. 21/8 - 2015


“Kim Jong Un is still relatively new to the game of bringing tensions right up to the cliff and then pulling back; on top of that, there are legitimate questions about how well he controls all the levers, especially given the chronic reshuffling in the North Korean military and party hierarchy since he assumed power,” John Delury, a professor at Seoul’s Yonsei University, told The Diplomat this morning.

Delury expressed his concern over Seoul’s handling of the crisis:

South Korea adopted a ‘disproportional response’ theory of deterrence after the artillery battle on Yeonpyeong island in 2010. Seoul has proclaimed that for every one shot fired by the North, the South will hit back with 3 to 5 times greater force. That principle for deterring the North along the contested maritime border seems to apply to the DMZ as well. Thus, in response to four shells over the DMZ by the North, the South hit back with three dozen.

What can we expect in the immediate future? According to Delury:

President Park convened a national security council meeting, and so did Kim. Park visited the front in fatigues, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Kim overseeing artillery positions soon as well. Pyongyang rejected Seoul’s demand for an apology over the mine incident in early August, and Seoul rejected Pyongyang’s offer of high-level talks. North Korea has given a 48 hour ultimatum to turn off their propaganda loudspeakers or else there will presumably be further shelling; South Korea seems committed not only to the speakers, but to the theory of disproportional response. How this ends is not clear.

For now it seems unlikely that Pyongyang would want to risk its survival by starting a full-scale war against South Korea and the United States given the former’s conventional military inferiority. However, it remains to be seen how much control Kim Jong-un exercises over his military. North Korean generals, dissatisfied with the leadership’s tepid response to what they perceive as South Korean provocations, could take more aggressive actions on their own.

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Opdateret d. 3/9 - 2022

Foto: Wilson Loo Kok Wee, Korean War Memorial, link til billede


Sydkorea affyrer snesevis af granater mod Nordkorea

Information d. 20/8 -2015

…Ultimatummet fra Nordkorea er afleveret over en militær hotline, der er etableret mellem de to koreanske stater.

Forinden havde Sydkorea affyret en række raketter som svar på, at en sydkoreansk propagandahøjttaler på grænsen var blevet beskudt fra nord.

- Vores side gennemførte et modangreb med snesevis af 155 millimeter granater, sagde en talsmand for det sydkoreanske forsvarsministerium, kort efter at der var blevet affyret et "projektil" fra Nordkorea mod en propaganda-højttaler i Sydkorea…

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Korea-ekspert: Beskydninger optrapper koldkrigstilstand

Information d. 20/8 - 2015

…Den nyeste udvikling i forholdet mellem Syd- og Nordkorea, der har beskudt hinanden, er et tegn på, at begge parter spiller med musklerne. Men selvom der er grund til bekymring, er den højspændte situation ikke noget nyt som sådan…

…Hvis det eskalerer, vil det involvere de to største magter i verden, Kina og USA. Det kan ingen af de to være interesserede i.

- Økonomisk er Kina og USA også så integrerede i hinanden, at det er utrolig usandsynligt, at de vil være med til noget, der kan udvikle sig til krig…

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